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Project Services and Equipment.

Vendor Management

RG Solutions has an extensive experience in managing vendors on behalf of the end client.  Typical duties include expediting, project management, monitoring and confirming progress, verification of materials receipt, in-progress inspections, final release inspections, testing etc.

We can help make sure you're getting the right attention and response from your vendors. We'll meet with you to fully understand your requirements, timelines, and expectations.



Today’s vendors in the Oil & Gas sector are increasingly overloaded leading to delays and missed deliveries.  Simply placing an order is no longer a guarantee of timely delivery.  One way to help maintain delivery dates is to expedite a vendor on a frequent basis including site visits whenever possible.  This ensures that project progress can be viewed and monitored regularly; any slippages can be forecasted early and remedial action taken.


Everyone knows that it is far easier to fix a problem before equipment ships rather than correcting it at site.  To help reduce the risk or problems at site, it is advisable to inspect equipment and materials before they get delivered.  RG Solutions has a broad experience of inspecting items such as; generator sets, mud pumps, potable water systems, fire pumps, sodium hyper-chloride dosing systems, Fire & Gas monitoring systems, SCADA and DCS control systems etc.  Often an end user requires the input and sign-off of an Independent Verification Body (IVB) as well and we have experience of working with, and coordinating services from,  DNV, ABS and Bureau Veritas.


Testing is often crucial to prove that the equipment has been manufactured correctly and will perform as intended when delivered and installed at site.  We are able to cover all types of testing from a simple hydro-test through to complexfactory acceptance integration tests on all types of equipment.  We can even create the test procedures if necessary, and will always supply a comprehensive indeppendant report of the testing if needed to supplement the vendors own test report.

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