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Project Documentation

These days, major projects come with significant and detailed documentation requirements demanded by the end user. 

Frequently vendors are caught off guard by firstly not appreciating the scope and cost of the documentation at the time of contract award.  Then later during project execution, they come to realize all too late that what has been asked for, they don’t understand and/or don’t have the skills to produce.

We can create all types of documentation for a project, some examples are given below;
  • VDRS (Vendor Documentation Requirement  Schedule).
  • Installation Manuals.
  • Commissioning Instructions.
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals.
  • Test Procedures.
  • Data Sheets.
  • Check Sheets.
  • Shipping & Handling Information.
  • Short term & Long term Storage Requirements.
  • Project Plans.
  • Progress Reports.


RG Solutions has provided services to companies such as National Oilwell, BP, Pride International, SLP Engineering (UK) and Keppel Offshore & Marine.

Documentation is a necessity of today's market and an essential deliverable; it is also a significant cost and should not be ignored.  Getting started early with an agreed VDRS (Vendor Documentation Requirement  Schedule) is a solid foundation for what is to come, and defines the “road map” for what is to follow.
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