RG Solutions Inc.

Project Services and Equipment.


By placing your RFQ’s with us your concerns can stop there.  We will purchase the equipment, inspect, expedite, test and provide documentation as needed for each RFQ.

We will expedite and visit our vendors regularly and make sure project plans are adhered to for timely deliveries.

We are here to help you, and have a broad range of experience with many types of equipment and vendors, such as (but not limited to);

· Consoles, Enclosures, Drillers Cabins and Offshore Modules (e.g. Electrical & Switchgear rooms)

· Test and calibration equipment.

· Tanks; oily drains, potable water, diesel etc.

· SCADA / DCS – platform wide controls and monitoring.

· Control system upgrades and retrofits; gensets, gas turbines, reverse osmosis systems etc.

· Potable water; reverse osmosis water makers, potable tanks, pressurizing systems, pumps.

· Accommodation; fixed furniture, recreation room equipment, curtains/drapes, vanity units, toilets, etc.

· Galley equipment and walk in cold rooms.

· Laundry room; washers, dryers, tables, “dumb waiter” elevators.

· Sewage treatment plants.

· Sodium Hypo-chlorite dosing systems.


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